Site updates…

As with any new venture, there is a learning curve – and that is what you will see here over the next few weeks as I become more familiar with WordPress’s intricacies. Today’s major updates to the blog are primarily the creation of the pages you now see across the top of the blog. These pages will serve to collect valuable resources from across the comics and library worlds, in an attempt to bring this information together to one place – as well as build a picture of just how big these worlds are (hint: they are massive). For now, each page will make note of resources I am already aware of – such as the publishers page including major US-based publishers at the time of this posting – but will grow as I scour the Internet in search for more. Is there a favorite site, blog, podcast, etc. that you go to for your library and/or comic news? Share it with me in the comments!


There will be a review post about this book coming soon, but I am too excited to wait, as you can see from this tweet:

Hey Baby is a comic memoir about creator Breena Bard‘s journey to becoming a new mother, and following the trend of a great many comic memoirs of late, she funded her project through a Kickstarter campaign I was more-than-happy to support. Naturally, since I have a tweet showing me holding the comic (and an awesome sticker!), that means the Kickstarter was funded and rewards are processed – but fret not! Breena was able to print more books than needed for backers and they are now available to purchase here.

Like I said, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read through her memoir just yet – but if the backers-only comics she has been sending out to us all summer are any indication, it is going to be a great ride full of equal parts humor and emotion.

Writing this has me thinking: is there a role for the library in helping creators get their work funded and/or published and/or distributed?