Andy Warner (The Nib), 2016

The Nib is a comic-based journalism publication that primarily writes political satire, but has been catching my attention more and more with their journalistic comics covering healthcare topics. I normally would just share these via Twitter or Facebook, with a quick comment, and move on for the day – but not this morning. This morning, the daily Nib email (sign up for that here) came with a comic that really stuck with me – the social, political, and economic reality that the most aged population in history will soon bring the world.

This is a topic that has been garnering more and more attention by healthcare providers, governments, academia, and the media – just a quick Google search for “aging population” will net you hundreds of appropriate articles and/or pages. If you are looking for a crash course on the topic, here are a few good starting points:

And of course… Read the full comic, ‘Graying World’,  on  The Nib!