Good day folks – I hope you are having a wonderful week! As many of you know, I am a recent graduate and am working in a fellowship that is not only a “real” library job, but also an opportunity to learn and explore medical librarianship and my own personal projects. With that in mind, I am beginning to plan for a project or two involving graphic medicine – and I would like YOUR input!

See, the problem is I have too many ideas and they don’t all necessarily match up with one another. Combine that with my relative inexperience with project management in librarianship and I am in need of some feedback to help steer me a little (ask me to run a restaurant event and I’ve got you covered though). I have some limitations that I can’t share here – but assume they are financial and time-related – but I am in a position of relative freedom in terms of content, design, and project goals. Below you’ll find some of my brainstorming, in relative free-form. If you have feedback on these ideas, new ideas, or if you are looking for a library partner on a project of your own, leave me a comment, tweet @NoetheMatt, or send me an email. Much thanks!

  • Webinar(s) – I know I am planning to run at least one webinar on graphic medicine targeted to librarians. Should there be multiple? Target specific library types – public, academic, medical? There are certainly differences when it comes to collection development, as well as patron needs.
  • Collection(s) – I have this idea to build a sort of traveling collection that could be hosted in one place (perhaps UMass, perhaps not) that other libraries could borrow to test in their community. Does anyone know of such a program elsewhere?
  • Book kit(s) – Similar to the traveling collection idea, the idea of having a few specialized book kits that could be lent out to various organizations sounds like a great idea. For example, perhaps put together a kit on breast cancer that includes copies of Cancer Vixen and/or The Story of My Tits (or others), with suggestions for discussion, and suggested resources for support, medical information, etc.
  • Programming – I’ve had thoughts on various programming ideas, primarily for public libraries, such as hosting make-your-own comic events, inviting area art teachers to teach classes, and so on. I’m not really sure how these would play out – I am not a public librarian – but I would love input here.
  • Reader’s Advisory – I know what RA is but as a medical librarian I spend little time doing it. I think a role for me here would be to find a way to educate librarians who ARE doing RA on what is out there for graphic medicine and when they might suggest it. Does anyone know how I might go about getting that information into the hands of people who need it? We’re all busy – so I want it to be accessible and quick.
  • Partnerships with Physicians – A key for the success of graphic medicine, I think, lies in finding ways to incorporate it into more doctor’s offices. The question is what is the first step here?
  • Libguide(s) – I am working on creating a libguide for UMMS, but I’m curious if there are other venues for this worth exploring.
  • Marketing – What marketing materials would be most effective? I’ve had this idea for bookmarks that suggest future titles and resources specific to diseases that could be included with graphic and non-graphic titles. What marketing works for your library?
  • Annotated Bibliographies – Would there be much benefit in having disease specific bibliographies? Or is a master list sufficient? Or both? Where should these live?