This was originally written for inclusion in my feedback on NetGalley, a feedback site for advance editions of upcoming books that aids librarians in collection development. 

I’m going to keep this brief.

Erika and Matthew hit the ball out of the park once more with this third volume of comics exploring the world of human sexuality. The content is presented with humor and an openness that is rare to find in any book – comic or otherwise – in the United States, where sex is seen as somehow more worthy of censorship than violence. This volume tackles topics ranging from swingers, to HPV, to the foreskin, providing a breadth of valuable information in a way that might encourage readers to pay attention – something that is particularly difficult to do with these topics. This is all in addition to the ongoing review of actual sex toys, including ratings, explanations, and the occasional technical look. Also included in this edition are a series of erotic comics created by guest artists. I applaud the continued efforts of the creators at working to make sex more positive, informed, and open.

I highly recommend this title for libraries that serve teens (yes, teens) and adults (including academic libraries) – that is, if you can get it past your more conservative colleagues!

Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 3 by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan is now available for pre-order through Diamond, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million!

Part of my reason for keeping this review short was that other reviews of the first two volumes do a good job of covering my feelings. Check some of them out below!

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