‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Articles & More… 

Podcast: New Podcast Episode: Doctors Making Comics via @ComicNurse

Webcomic: Freedom of Choice via @TheNib

Webcomic: Like My Dad via @TylerPage

Webcomic: Is DIY surgery a threat to the NHS? – cartoon via @TheBadDr

Webcomic: Bad Blood: Who gets credit for the technology to cut-and-paste the human genome? via @TheNib

Political Cartoon: Beeler cartoon: Trump’s health

Book Review: Mental illness is a fluorescent storm in the challenging Our Mother

Video: Comics Alternative speaks with Carol Tyler at SPX

#BlackComicsMonth Creator Assembles All Star Comic Creators to Tackle Mental Health

#BlackComicsMonth Creator Tee Franklin, A.K.A. MizCaramelVixen, Wants Your Stories of Mental Illness For Her New Anthology

Suicidal Ideation? Humor Helps To Cope 23 Death Cartoons (3)

Comic Book Artists Create Publication to Honor Orlando Victims

Babes in Tropeland: How Alters Shows We Need More Complex Trans Characters in Comics

Fever rising: How an illustrator’s images helped the fight against Ebola via @MedNarrative

Not Just Superheroes: Best Graphic Novels of Fall 2016 via @ComicNurse

Visual storytellers Gene Luen Yang, Lauren Redniss land the 2016 MacArthur ‘genius’ grant



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