I wanted to make sure to pass along another exciting massive open online course opportunity to everyone – and say thanks to @InIt4Health to bringing this one to my attention! I’ve already enrolled and can’t wait to get access to the course materials when it opens on October 23rd. Since the material is hidden for now, I can’t provide too much insight into the content, but it looks like this is the first of EIGHT classes being offered out of the University of Tasmania in this field. Future courses will cost $20 AUD, while this first introductory course is free – I’ll let you all know whether I think the fee is worth it after a couple of weeks in this free course. I’ve coped the course description, the instructor’s (Dr. Eliza Burke) background, and the link to the course below.

Course Description:

The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health explores personal and community health and wellness strategies using visual arts mediums. Each online module showcases the applied use of creative visual practices including drawing and painting, photography and sculpture in healthcare settings. The course is designed to introduce you to a range of practices that promote focus and connectedness to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. You will learn how these practices are used in clinical assessments, expressive therapies and community healthcare initiatives. Central to your learning are many hands-on visual arts activities including contour drawing, mandala making, photography exercises, clay sculpture and assemblage, aimed at introducing the key principles of visual arts based practices in healthcare.

Dr. Eliza Burke:

Dr Eliza Burke is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer with an MFA in Art Theory (University of Tasmania) and a PhD in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature (Monash University). She is also an independent art curator and has held a variety of project co-ordination and management roles in the arts industry and the tertiary education sector. She teaches and has assisted on many research projects across the disciplines of Sociology and Art Theory, with particular expertise in mental health and gender theory, and contemporary arts practices. She has published her own research in Feminist Media Studies, Australian Feminist Studies and Counselling, Psychotherapy and Health and regularly contributes to the Asia-Pacific arts magazine, Artlink.

Course Link: http://arts-and-health.thinkific.com/courses/visual-arts-and-health

FAQ:  http://arts-and-health.thinkific.com/pages/faq