This is my first attempt at collecting and organizing a complete* listing of titles that would be appropriate for a graphic medicine library collection**. This list is a combination of titles from a Worldcat list that ran out of space, a list from OHSU Grand Rounds, and a ‘graphic pathologies’ list on Goodreads. That means there are absolutely titles missing – some I am aware of already – but I wanted to get this up for two reasons. First, for anyone already working on collection development, this will be a helpful resource, whether it is ‘complete’ or not. Second, to hopefully get feedback from YOU! If there are titles you see missing, or if you think there is another way to handle the listing(s), I want to hear about it. Comment here, tweet at @NoetheMatt, however you want to let me know I am missing a comic about medicine – please do!

[CTRL+F will be your best bet when searching this post. If a comic was clearly multiple subjects, I listed it under the major subject and included a bracketed also subject at the end]


  • Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard by Leah Hayes


  • A Child’s Life: Other Stories by Phoebe Gloeckner [Child Abuse] [also: HIV/AIDS]
  • Daddy’s Girl: Comics by Debbie Drechsler [Incest]
  • Dragonslippers: This is What an Abusive Relationship Looks Like by Rosalind B. Penfold [Domestic Abuse]
  • Not My Shame by T.O. Walker [Child Abuse] [also: Trauma & Resilience]
  • Take It As a Compliment by Maria Stoian [Sexual Abuse] [also: Trauma & Resilience]
  • The Courage to Be Me: A Story of Courage, Self-Compassion and Hope After Sexual Abuse by Nina Burrowes et al [Sexual Abuse] [also: Trauma & Resilience]
  • The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot [Child Abuse]
  • Why I Killed Peter by Olivier Ka et al [Child Abuse]


  • Buzzkill by Donny Cates et al [Superhero]
  • Sobriety: A Graphic Novel by Daniel Maurer & Spencer Amundson
  • Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm et al [also: Coming of Age]
  • The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames & Dean Haspiel


  • Can of Worms by Catherine Doherty


  • Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast [also: Death & Dying; Grief]
  • Mid-life: A Comic Book by Joe Ollmann
  • Walking the Dog by David Hughes [also: Mental Health (general)]


  • Aliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Through the Looking Glass by Dana Walrath [PSU Graphic Medicine series]
  • Roses in December: A Story of Love and Alzheimer’s by Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers
  • Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me by Sarah Leavitt


  • When Anxiety Attacks by Terian Koscik

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Raised on Ritalin by Tyler Page


  • Blue Bottle Mystery: The Graphic Novel: An Asperger Adventure by Mike Medaglia et al [Asperger’s] [Children’s]
  • Lisa and the Lacemaker: The Graphic Novel by Kathy Hoopmann
  • Something Different About Dad: How to Live with Your ASD Parent by Kristi Evans
  • With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child by Keiko Tobe & Satsuki Yamashita [Manga; 8 Volumes]

Biology & General Medical Sciences

  • A Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Larry Gonick & Mark Wheelis [Educational]
  • Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival Guide by Paul Aleixo & Murray Baillon [Textbook]
  • Cells at Work!, Volume 1 by Akane Shimizu et al [Manga]
  • Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation by Michael Keller & Nicolle Rager Fuller [Educational]
  • DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule that Shook the World by Israel Rosenfield et al [Educational] [also: History of Medicine]
  • Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth by Jay Hosler et al [Educational]
  • Medikidz by Various [Educational; Children’s] [Multivolume Series]
  • Neurocomic by Matteo Farinella & Hana Ros [Educational]
  • Optical Allusions by Jay Hosler
  • The Healthy Aboriginal Network by Various [Educational; Youth Oriented] [Multivolume Series]
  • The Manga Guide to… Various Authors [Educational] [Manga; Multivolume Series]
  • The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA by Mark Schultz et al [Educational]
  • The Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine by Damo Mitchell & Spencer Hill [Educational]

Bipolar Disorder

  • Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir by Ellen Forney [also: Depression]


  • An Elegy for Amelia Johnson by Andrew Rostan et al [Breast Cancer]
  • Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person: A Memoir in Comics by Miriam Engelberg [Breast Cancer]
  • Cancer Vixen: A True Story by Marisa Acocella Marchetto [Breast Cancer]
  • Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow by Anders Nilsen [also: Death & Dying; Grief]
  • Embroidered Cancer Comic by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin [Prostate Cancer]
  • Janet & Me: An Illustrated Story of Love and Loss by Stanley Mack [Illustrated Book] [Breast Cancer] [also: Death & Dying; Grief]
  • Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe by Tom Batiuk [Breast Cancer]
  • Mammoir: A Pictorial Odyssey of the Adventures of a Fourth Grade Teacher with Breast Cancer by Tucky Fussell [Breast Cancer]
  • Mom’s Cancer by Brian Fies [Lung Cancer]
  • My Diary by Mio Matsumoto [Tongue Cancer]
  • Our Cancer Year by Joyce Brabner & Harvey Pekar [Lymphoma]
  • Probably Nothing: A Diary of Not-Your-Average Nine Months by Matilda Tristram [Bowel Cancer] [also: Pregnancy]
  • Relatively Indolent but Relentless: A Cancer Treatment Journal by Matt Freedman [Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma]
  • Seeds by Ross Mackintosh [also: Grief]
  • The Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin et al [Superhero]
  • The Story of My Tits by Jennifer Hayden [Breast Cancer]
  • When David Lost His Voice by Judith Vanistendael & Nora Mahony

Childbirth, Pregnancy, Infancy

  • Good Eggs: A Memoir by Phoebe Potts [Fertility]
  • Spot 12: The Story of a Birth by Jenny Jaeckel [also: Trauma & Resilience]
  • The Most Natural Thing in the World by Francesca Cassavetti [Birth and New Parenthood]

Comics Appreciation

  • Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner
  • Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Coming of Age (or Adolescence)

  • Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol [also: Immigrant Experience]
  • Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green
  • Blankets by Craig Thompson [also: Emotion]
  • Giant Days by John Allison & Whitney Cogar [Multivolume Series]
  • I Never Liked You: A Comic-Strip Narrative by Chester Brown
  • This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki

Crohn’s Disease

  • Funny Misshapen Body: A Memoir by Jeffrey Brown

Cystic Fibrosis

  • Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier [also: Coming of Age]


  • El Deafo by Cece Bell & David Lasky [also: Coming of Age]

Death & Dying

  • 100 Months: The End of All Things by John Hicklenton [also: Politics]
  • Fish by Bianca Bagnarelli [also: Grief]
  • Homesick by Jason Walz [also: Grief]
  • Sick by Ken Dahl (Gabby Schulz) [also: Politics; Social Justice]
  • Special Exits: A Graphic Memoir by Joyce Farmer [also: Aging]


  • Dad’s Not All There Anymore by Alex Demetris [Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)]

Dental Health

  • Smile by Raina Telgemeier & Stephanie Yue [also: Coming of Age]


  • Dark Early by Hannah Bradshaw
  • Depresso, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying – and Embrace Being Bonkers! By Brick
  • Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh
  • Living with a Black Dog: His Name is Depression by Matthew Johnstone
  • My Depression: A Picture Book by Elizabeth Swados


  • Nomi Kane’s Quick Guide to Type One Diabetes by Nomi Kane [Zine]
  • Sugar Baby by Nomi Kane [Zine]
  • The Truth About Stacey by Ann Martin & Raina Telgemeier [also: Coming of Age]


  • The Minotaur’s Tale by Al Davison
  • The Ring of Fire Anthology by E.T. Russian [also: Social Justice; Politics]

Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Cuckoo by Madison Clell [also: Trauma & Resilience]

Down Syndrome

  • Hole in the Heart: Bringing Up Beth by Henny Beaumont [PSU Graphic Medicine series]


  • The Invisible War: A Tale on Two Scales by Briony Barr et al


  • Mirror Mind by Tory Woollcott

Eating Disorders

  • How I Made It to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story by Tracy White [also: Mental Health (general)]
  • Inside Out: Portrait of an Eating Disorder by Nadia Shivack
  • Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green
  • Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme & Edward Gauvin [also: Coming of Age; Mental Health (general)]
  • Tyranny by Lesley Fairfield


  • Killing and Dying by Adrian Tomine
  • Map of My Heart: The Best of King-cat Comics & Stories 1996-2002 by John Porcellino [Sadness]
  • What Are You Staring At? A Comic About Restorative Justice in Schools by Pete Wallis & Joseph Wilkins [Emotional Literacy] [Children’s]


  • Epileptic by David B.
  • My New York Diary by Julie Doucet [also: Addiction]


  • Transhuman by Jonathan Hickman & J.M. Ringuet [Science Fiction]

Graphic Medicine

  • Graphic Medicine Manifesto by M.K. Czerwiec et al [Scholarly Anthology] [PSU Graphic Medicine series]
  • The Walking Med: Zombies and the Medical Image by Lorenzo Servitje & Sherryl Vint [Scholarly Anthology] [PSU Graphic Medicine series]


  • American Widow by Alissa Torres & Choi [also: Terror]
  • Billy, Me & You: A Memoir of Grief and Recovery by Nicola Streeten
  • Mother, Come Home by Paul Hornschemeier & Gary Groth
  • Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton [also: Mental Health (general)]
  • Rosalie Lightning by Tom Hart
  • The End by Anders Nilsen & Kim Thompson [also: Death & Dying]

History of Medicine

  • The 1918 Flu Pandemic by Katherine E. Krohn et al [Educational]


  • AIDS in the End Zone by Kendra S. Albright et al
  • Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story by Frederik Peeters
  • Pedro & Me: Friendship, Loss, & What I Learned by Judd Winick [also: Grief]
  • Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague by Joyce Brabner & Mark Zingarelli
  • Seven Miles a Second by David Wojnarowicz & James Romberger [also: Biography]
  • Strip AIDS USA: A Collection of Cartoon Art to Benefit People with AIDS by Trina Robbins et al [Anthology]

Hospice Care

  • Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park: When You’re 29 and Unemployed… by Aneurin Wright [also: Aging] [PSU Graphic Medicine series]

Immigrant Experience

  • Level Up by Gene Luen Yang & Thien Pham [also: Coming of Age; Medical Education]
  • The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984: A Graphic Memoir by Riad Sattouf
  • The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Life and Times with IBS: A Memoir in Comics by Joy Spencer

LGBTQ Health

  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel [also: Suicide; OCD; Mental Health (general)]
  • Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast by Greg Fox
  • Queer: A Graphic History by Meg John Barker & Julia Scheele [Educational]
  • Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag by A.K. Summers [also: Pregnancy]
  • What’s Normal Anyway? A Comic About Being Trans Male by Morgan Boecher


  • The Infinite Wait and Other Stories by Julia Wertz & Matthew Forsythe [also: Addiction]

Mental Health (general)

  • Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel [also: LGBTQ Health; Emotion]
  • Couch Fiction: A Graphic Tale of Psychotherapy by Philippa Perry & Junko Graat
  • Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me by Bobby Baker & Dora Whittuck [Sketchbook]
  • First Year Healthy by Michael DeForge
  • Hysteria by Richard Appignanesi & Oscar Zarate [also: History of Medicine]
  • Look Straight Ahead: A Graphic Novel by Elaine M. Will [also: Bullying]
  • Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories about Mental Illness by Darryl Cunningham
  • The Hospital Suite by John Porcellino [also: General Medicine]
  • The Secret of the Brain Chip: A Self-Help Guide for People Experiencing Psychosis by Marc de Hert et al [Educational] [Multimodal]


  • One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations by Mike Medaglia

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Justin Green’s Binky Brown Sampler by Justin Green
  • The Bad Doctor by Ian Williams [also: Physician Experience] [PSU Graphic Medicine series]
  • The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon


  • The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude, A Memoir by Carol Lay


  • Pain is Really Strange by Steve Haines

Parkinson’s Disease

  • My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson’s by Peter Dunlap-Shohl [PSU Graphic Medicine series]

Plastic Surgery

  • Fingerprints by Will Dinski


  • #foodcrisis: A Graphic Novel about Global Food Security by Evan D.G. Fraser & Scott Mooney
  • Health Care Reform: What It IS, Why It’s Necessary, How It Works by Jonathan Gruber & H.P. Newquist [Educational]
  • The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert et al [also: War] [Note: Doctors Without Borders]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • At War With Yourself by Samuel C. Williams [also: Veteran’s Health]


  • Bitter Medicine: A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness by Clem Martini & Olivier Martini
  • HOAX Psychosis Blues by Ravi Thornton & Hannah Berry
  • Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell [also: Death & Dying; OCD; Mental Health (general)]
  • The Road to God Knows… by Von Allan [also: Coming of Age]

Sexual Health

  • Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi
  • For the Love of God, Marie! By Jade Sarson
  • Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf: A Sex Education Comic Book by Saiya Miller et al [Anthology] [Educational]
  • Oh Joy, Sex Toy, Volume 1 by Erika Moen & Matthew Nolan [3 Volumes] [Educational]
  • Our Lady of Birth Control: A Cartoonist’s Encounter with Margaret Sanger by Sabrina Jones [also: Biography]
  • The House That Groaned by Karrie Fransman
  • Tip of the Iceberg: A Book About the Clitoris by Laura Szumowski [Zine] [also: Women’s Health]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Black Hole by Charles Burns [Science Fiction]
  • Monsters by Ken Dahl (Gabby Schulz) [Herpes]

Social Justice

  • The Real Cost of Prisons Comix by Lois Ahrens [Anthology]

Spina Bifida

  • The Spiral Cage: Diary of an Astral Gypsy by Al Davison [also: Disability]


  • The Next Day: A Graphic Novella by Paul Peterson et al
  • Years of the Elephant by Willy Linthout & Theo Linthout [also: Grief]


  • Everyday Matters: A Memoir by Danny Gregory

Trauma & Resilience

  • D.: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld [also: Disaster Medicine]
  • Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa [Manga; 10 Volumes] [also: War]
  • Dark Night: A True Batman Story by Paul Dini & Eduardo Risso [also: Mental Health (general)]
  • It’s a Bird… by Steven T. Seagle & Teddy H. Kristiansen
  • Maus: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman
  • Stitches: A Memoir by David Small [also: Child Abuse]
  • Trauma is Really Strange by Steve Haines & Sophie Standing
  • We Are On Our Own: A Memoir by Miriam Katin


  • The Adventures of the Regatjes, Volume 1: Vaccines by Susan Nasif et al [Children’s]

Veteran Health

  • Alan’s War: The Memories of G.I. Alan Cope by Emmanuel Guibert
  • Signature Wound: Rocking TBI by G.B. Trudeau [also: Traumatic Brain Injury]
  • Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand my WWII Veteran Father: A Daughter’s Memoir by Carol Tyler
  • The Long Road Home: One Step At a Time by G.B. Trudeau
  • When I Returned by Center for Cartoon Studies [Anthology]

Women’s Health

  • Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation by Laura Szumowski [Zine]
  • Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century: The F Word Project [Anthology]
  • Unterzakhn by Leela Corman [also: Sexual Health; Immigrant Experience]


* No list can ever be 100% complete, particularly one on comics that are coming out at a rapidly increasing pace
** This specification means that there are definitely comics missing from this list, for any of the following reasons: no longer in publication (and not likely to be again); not in a circulation friendly format; unavailable by traditional library purchasing means; webcomics (in most instances); or some combination of these.