Lib Faves is a yearly Twitter event with librarians across the world (in theory) tweeting out their top 10 books published during the past year. The hashtag, #libfaves16, was used this year to keep things in once place (click on the hashtag to see the Twitter results).

For me, this is difficult because I typically am at least a year behind everyone else in reading new books, so to choose my 10 favorites from JUST 2016 took some serious thought and wound up with a couple of books still-in-progress. That said, I stand by every one of these picks and recommend them all to everyone. Don’t let genre or style keep you from exploring them – especially the non-fiction science books. I’m realizing we need far more people to read science titles, so hop to it!

Below my tweets from this year. Note that I purposely said “Day” instead of “Number”. I’m not a fan of ranking books, especially when they are all very different. Enjoy!