‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Note: There may be a handful of very politically charged items this week, as it was Inauguration weekend in the US. I include these (a mere sampling) because medicine MUST be political. 

Special Announcement: I will be hosting an upcoming webinar out of the NNLM New England Region office on March 7th! This will be a quick and easy introduction to Graphic Medicine specifically meant for librarians, but will be of interest to others as well. You can register (for free!) here: Introduction to Graphic Medicine.

Special Announcement: The 2017 Conference Announcements page for the 2017 Graphic Medicine Conference in Seattle, WA, USA is now live! This is the perfect opportunity to connect with likeminded scholars, artists, librarians, and others – and of course, a chance to promote YOUR awesome work! Keynote speakers include Rupert Kinnard, Georgia Webber, and Hillary Chute – check out their amazing work by following these links!

Deadline Approaching – Submit your proposal by January 30th!

Articles & More… 

Call for Book Chapters: Call for Book Chapters: Case studies of reading for health and wellbeing in libraries and information services

Call for Papers: ‘Documenting Trauma: Comics and the Politics of Memory’ via @TORCHComicsOx

Scholarly: Mark Making: Methodologies and methods (innovative practice).

Webcomic: ‘Magical Stem Cells,’ Today’s Comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl via @MedNarrative

Webcomic: Stranded via @TheBoonDocs

Webcomic: Support… via @CancerOwl

Webcomic: When They Go Low… via @TheNib

Book Review: Reviews: The Facts of Life via @FPInternational

Storify: Alt Manga, Queer Manga: Telling Our Own Stories via @pfanderson

Graphic Medicine Interview: Seattle Conference Organizer Mita Mahato via @ComicNurse

Medical experts praise Parkinson’s graphic novel via @DunlapShohl

Family Doc Diary: An Introduction via @inHouseMag

Georgia Webber on Dumb, Self-Publishing and Cartoonist Communities via @GraphicMedicine

Female Artists Take on Trump with the Blazing Comics Broadsheet ‘Resist!’

New e-comic, Invasion of the Alien Zombies, aims to educate kids about the immune system via @AJaggers324

Comics Research Bibliography Facebook Post: UMassMedNow Article


Some great stuff this week! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @NoetheMatt! Until next time…