‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Call for Papers: The AMA Journal of Ethics is seeking papers for an upcoming issue focusing on Graphic Medicine. The full-call is quoted below:

The arts have long been used as cultivars of reflection and storytelling about health and health care. Like novels, short stories, painting, sculpture, and film, comics can convey poignant stories, deliver analytical depth, and offer interpretive alternatives to text-based ethical inquiry. The February 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics will explore comics’ power to visually represent and comment on health care and health care experiences, guide patients’ and clinicians’ learning, and approach consideration of values in health care not only ethically, but aesthetically.

Manuscripts submitted for peer review consideration and inclusion in this issue must follow all Instructions for Authors and be submitted by 6 August 2017.

2017 Comics and Medicine Conference: Access Points

This past weekend in Seattle was the 8th Annual Comics and Medicine conference – and it was an amazing time! I started to write a blog post about my experiences, but honestly, I think Twitter captures it more clearly than I could write up now. Plus, see Brian’s blog post below – he said it for me!

That said, the sheer volume of social media activity surrounding the conference poses a problem for the way I typically write up these recaps. In light of that, in the Twitter section below, I will not be including most of the conference conversations. Lucky for us, Patricia Anderson is a Twitter master and has created Storifys for each official day of the conference – meaning that if you aren’t up for scrolling through #ComicsMedicineSeattle on Twitter (I’m not even sure the ‘infinite scroll’ goes long enough), you can find nearly all of the activity at the following links:

Hillary Chute on Queer Representation, Healthcare Access, and Comics

Comics & Medicine Seattle, Thursday

Comics Medicine Seattle (Friday)

Comics Medicine Seattle – Saturday & Sunday

No assurances that these are every tweet from the conference, but they will certainly capture more than I could here. And Twitter was hardly the only place where conversations were happening. I don’t have a great way to capture all of the Instagram or Facebook posts (though you’ll see many sketchnote posts below from Facebook), so my recommendation for seeing all of those great items? Search the hashtag!

#ComicsMedicineSeattle on Instagram

#ComicsMedicineSeattle on Facebook

And don’t miss Brian Fies brilliant follow-up to the conference in this blog post!

Articles & More… 

Graphic Medicine 2018

2018 Conference Venue Announced!

Event: ‘Documenting Trauma: Comics and the Politics of Memory’

Book Release: Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War

Patreon: Christina Tran is creating slowingly

Podcast: Episode 32: I Only Make Decisions Out of Spite via @SecretStacks

Facebook: Rupert Kinnard on Comics & Medicine Seattle

Facebook: Comic Nurse Workshop photo

Facebook: Charles Hatfield Comics & Medicine Sketchnotes

Facebook: Kurt Shaffert Comics & Medicine Sketchnotes (this is just a link to one of a dozen – Kurt is a master at this. Scroll through his page!)

Facebook: JD Lunt Comics & Medicine Sketchnotes

Webcomic: Callous Comics (handwriting) via @CallousComics

Special Note: I want to take a moment to recognize Callous Comics here because I regularly forget to include at least one comic from their weekly series here. Please know that there are often multiple comics a week from Callous and they are wonderful. 

Webcomic: The Pill via @ErikaMoen

Webcomic: 537: on beauty via @Thingswithout

Webcomic: What You Can’t Carry: Salvaging an Existence in a Refugee Camp via @TheNib

Webcomic: The Senate Healthcare Plan: 100% Not Mean! via @TheNib

Webcomic: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch via @TheNib

Webcomic: Trumpcare Winners and Losers via @TheNib

Scholarly: Drawing connections.

Scholarly: Welcome to the M2 Graphic Medicine Elective via xraycomix

Book Review: Taking Turns: Stories from HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371: Review via a&u

Book Review: Book Review: Taking Turns via @MedhumDailyDose

Book Review: Time May Change Me – Jayde Perkin Explores Grief and the Bonds of Music in a Poignant Autobio Offering via @BrokenFrontier

Blog: What is Graphic Social Science? via @Mark_Carrigan

Interview: 5 Questions: Gareth Brookes

Special: Graphic Medicine Database via @AJaggers324

Science Gets Graphic

Teaching With Science Comics

How doodling can trigger feelings of pleasure

Pride, Cancer, and the Working Class: Kara Sievewright Draws It All Together

Comic books inform children and their parents about rare diseases

Forget Brooding Superheroes — the Big Money Is in Kids’ Comics

‘Ghosts’ Wins McDuffie Award for Kids Comics

Loud & Proud: 12 LGBTQ+-Inclusive Comics for Pride Month

Stay Safe in the Heat mini comic book

Gareth Brookes demonstrates the process he used to create his graphic novel A Thousand Coloured Castles

Young Adult Graphic Memoir of Eating Disorders, Abuse, and Recovery

This Artist Turned iTunes’s Terms and Conditions into a Graphic Novel

For Your Consideration: IDW’s For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. 1

Comics that Explore Mental Illness

Graphic novelist Jillian Tamaki: ‘Our brains are being rewired to exist online’

One Scholar On What Comic Books Reveal About Attitudes Toward Muslims via @adlewis

Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance


Note: Please forgive me for the haphazard order of Tweets this week. I usually at least try to go in chronological order, but it isn’t happening this week. 


Some great stuff this week! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @NoetheMatt! Until next time…