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‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

San Diego Comic-Con 

SDCC is this weekend and these are the things I have come across that are particularly relevant to graphic medicine!

Comic-Con How-To: Mental Health and Comics

Comics Arts Conference

Comics Arts Conference #14: The Value of Mental Illness and Trauma: Finding Resilience in Pain

Comics Arts Conference #3: Comics and Literacy

Comics Arts Conference #14: The Value of Mental Illness and Trauma: Finding Resilience in Pain

Unlocking Arkham: Forensic Psychiatry and Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery

Call for Papers: The AMA Journal of Ethics is seeking papers for an upcoming issue focusing on Graphic Medicine. The full-call is quoted below:

The arts have long been used as cultivars of reflection and storytelling about health and health care. Like novels, short stories, painting, sculpture, and film, comics can convey poignant stories, deliver analytical depth, and offer interpretive alternatives to text-based ethical inquiry. The February 2018 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics will explore comics’ power to visually represent and comment on health care and health care experiences, guide patients’ and clinicians’ learning, and approach consideration of values in health care not only ethically, but aesthetically.

Manuscripts submitted for peer review consideration and inclusion in this issue must follow all Instructions for Authors and be submitted by 6 August 2017.

Articles & More… 

Kickstarter: Kickstarter Gold: The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors

Kickstarter: 100 Demon Dialogues: Book & Plushie

(Ongoing) Kickstarter: We’re Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology

(Ongoing) Call-for-Papers: CFP: Pain and its Paradoxes

MedLibs: Consumer Health: Comics in the Medical Library [This is paywalled. If you would like to read it, please reach out to me.]

Webcomic: Web Comic: A Scientist Flees For His Life And Finds His Dream

Webcomic: How India’s Gig Economy Is Trapping its Workers in the Cycle of Poverty via @TheNib

Webcomic: Suturing Styles (old, but showed up again this week)

Scholarly: The power of print reading: comics in the classroom.

Scholarly: Sunday Workshops (Graphic Medicine) via @NWNMCollab

Interview: Go Spinning inside Tillie Walden’s ice skating-inspired graphic memoir

Storify: Comics & Medicine 2017 via @MelGrant5

Facebook: I’m Autistic… comic

Collected infertility comics via @Ootastic

Mental Health Mini Zines! via @TalkingAboutBPD

Art can be a powerful medicine against dementia

Un cómic que se lee sin mirar


Pain Research Drives Many of MCW’s Patient Care Efforts

Comix, kids, trauma, and war via @dagreen

AEA Conference Collection

Graphic Medicine Conference in Pictures via @Lizargall

A Caravan of Comics: Comic Creators from Australia join Festival 2017 ranks

Caravan of Comics brings Australian artists to Lakes festival

Lakes International Comic Art Festival announces a Caravan of Comic creators from Australia


Some great stuff this week! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @NoetheMatt! Until next time…