‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Special Note: #ComicsHateNazis

As you are aware, this past week has been overwhelming… disturbing in the US, even more than the past 8 months of the Trump presidency have already been. In light of that, and in honor of Heather Heyer who lost her life pushing back against white supremacist hate, I want to pause before the usual links and say: comics are for everyone and we will not tolerate hate. The history of the US – and by extension, of comics – has long struggled to shake of the hate of many in this world, but from the beginning, US comics pushed back. There will be dozens of blog posts and hundreds of webcomics pushing back. A great place to start looking for the good around us? The #ComicsHateNazis hashtag. I leave you with my attempt to remain calm this past weekend and then on to the links.

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Articles & More…

Funding Opportunity: The Audrey and William H. Helfand Fellowship in the History of Medicine and Public Health

CFP: Call for Graphic Submissions Special Collection: Graphic Science

CFP: Frankenstien@200: International Health Humanities Consortium Conference

Call for Art: Visualize Health Equity

Kickstarter: Mine! : a comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood

Go Fund Me: An Infertile Graphic Novel

Book Review (Scholarly): The Ethical Zombie: A Review of The Walking Med: Zombies and The Medical Image via @ComicsGrid

Blog (Scholarly): I Had to ‘Unlearn’ Medicine to Treat Vulnerable Patients via @AnitaFamilyDoc

Blog: The Academic Conference (Or, How I Learned to Love Myself, and, Consequently, Others) via Rolando Rubalcava

(This might be my favorite blog post to emerge from this year’s comics and medicine conference.)

Webcomic: Allez voir le documentaliste via @ScienceofCookie

Webcomic: What Can I Do? A Guide to Doing, Not Despairing

Webcomic: My Boyfriend Lied About Everything Except How Sick He Was

Webcomic: Socialism: As American As Apple Pie via @TheNib

I know that this is particularly political for graphic medicine, but the political structure of a country directly impacts health.

Stack Overflow: Nidhi Chanani Picks 6 Great Graphic Novels via @AJaggers324

‘Art helped me tell my story’: brain injury survivors share self-portraits

HIV 101 Syllabus: 7 Great Back to School Reads

How counselling and care can turn sight loss into art

Un médico entre los cadáveres de Belchite

Nate Powell Opens Omnibox, Talks Life After March and What’s Next

I want to highlight this interview not for the bit on Swallow Me Whole, which is related to our graphic medicine work, but because of this quote about the success of March: “So it’s a victory any time I have the chance to get people’s attention or get other comics on people’s radar and just reminding them that there’s a reason why March works. It wasn’t despite being a comic, it was because it’s a comic.”


Some great stuff this week! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @NoetheMatt! Until next time…