‘This week in #graphicmedicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during a the week (Saturday – Friday). Articles are typically presented without commentary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Special Note…

I cannot possibly capture all of the amazing Comics Forum tweets here, so I want to encourage you all to check out the hashtag on Twitter. So much amazing work being done!

Articles & More… 

Interview: Graphic Medicine Book Discussion Kits via @NoetheMatt

Event: A Graphic Medicine Seminar For Physicians

Event (Passed): Saturday Studio: Comics and graphic novels workshop at the Wellcome Collection

Event: Comics in Libraries and Schools at the New York Public Library

Event: Story Beat LIVE, Graphic Medicine PDX Meet-Up via @NWNMCollab

Kickstarter: The 4th Monkey: An Anthology for Awareness

Webcomic: How I Learned to Love Being a Hairy Lady via @TheNib

Webcomic: The Obamacare Repeal Timeline of Horrors via @TheNib

Webcomic: cure-all via @TheBoonDocs

Webcomic: PD Pundit: Why Diagnosis Is So Traumatic via @dunlapshohl

Webcomic: Should the Right Wing Decide Who Gets to be a Family? via @TheNib

Webcomic: Religion for Punks via @TheNib

Webcomic: The Astonishing Pragmatist vs Universal Healthcare via @TheNib

Webcomic: The EPA Used to Be Uncontroversial, Now It’s Being Gutted via @TheNib

Really, this is more ‘graphic science’ and highly political, but given how heavily the environment impacts health (more than genetics in many cases), I felt it important.

Comic: “Ask Me Three” [PDF] via @Init4Health

Graphic Medicine post about this: http://www.graphicmedicine.org/the-lupus-initiative/

Book: Handbook of Arts-Based Research

Book: Eyes Too Dry: A Graphic Memoir About Heavy Feelings

Comic Preview: Lighter than My Shadow

Animated Comic: What to Do About Insomnia (from 2016)

Book Review: SID – A Sprawling, Psychological Journey through a Fractured Mindscape from the Remarkable Olivia Sullivan via @BrokenFrontier

Book Review: Noche Oscura via @GraficaMedicina

Book Review: Graphic Novel Review 63/365: Smile via @Comics_Teacher

Presentation: Mónica Lalanda: Una muerte de comic via @mlalanda

Podcast: Episode 111: Marissa Moss on “Last Things”

Podcast: How comic books can improve healthcare

Scholarly: Colossal bodies: re-imagining the human anatomy in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan

Scholarly: Dental stories for children with autism.

Scholarly: The potential of educational comics as a health information medium.

Scholarly: Not so secret agents: Event-related potentials to semantic roles in visual event comprehension.

Scholarly: How to effectively design and create a concept mobile application to aid in the management of type 1 diabetes in adolescents.

Scholarly: Comics as a Medium for Providing Information on Adult Immunizations.

Scholarly: Sequential Science: A Guide to Communication Through Comics via @cmtribull

Facebook: Iggy and the Inhalers distribution!

Teaching with Anatomy comics

Graphic novel places spotlight on CBS

The Doctor Who Traded a Notebook for a Sketchbook

Narrative Medicine: Featuring MK Czerwiec

8 Graphic Novels and Memoirs That Will Give You the Feels

How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy

Drawing the Line: “Comics for Change” Takes on Abortion Stigma

Focusing on Arts, Humanities to Develop Well-Rounded Physicians

New graphic novel depicts one’s family’s unravelling

The Top 5 Local Books to Look Forward to This Fall (includes Mita Mahato, Comics & Medicine 2017 Organizer and awesome person)

Medical Students Benefit from Studying Visual Art

Can Learning to Draw Make Duke Medical Students Better Doctors?

Six Dots: The Remarkable Life and Legacy of Child Inventor Louis Braille, Illustrated via @ScienceofCookie

Mine! is a Star-Studded Comics Anthology Benefiting Planned Parenthood


Some great stuff this week! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @NoetheMatt! Until next time…