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The Pathographics conference is happening in Berlin this weekend! You’ll find tweets here from the opening night and the full first day of the event. The rest of the conference will be featured in next week’s post – and I’ll try to get a solid Storify going if no one else tackles it. SO much good coming out of it!

‘This Week in Graphic Medicine’ highlights relevant articles (and tweets) about comics in medicine published during the week (Saturday – Friday). Links are typically presented without commentary, unless clarification of relevance is necessary, with credit given to those who flagged them up where possible. So without further ado…

Articles & More… 

Storify: Comics and Medicine at MICE 2017

Rather than post all of the Tweets I could find individually, I collected them in a Storify. This panel was AMAZING and while I was a little stressed and frantic given it was my first time organizing one, I will fondly remember it! 

Storify: Comics and Islam at MICE 2017

Not medical strictly speaking, but the conversations about representation and who gets to tell peoples’ stories is vital. 

Webcomic: Ten Times I Was Sexually Assaulted, Just Off the Top of My Head via @TheNib

Webcomic: The Invention of Monogamy via @TheNib

Webcomic: I’m Tired of Performing Trauma: Five Cartoonists on #MeToo via @TheNib

Webcomic: Requiem for a Hot Comb

Webcomic: Doctor I’ve Been Impaled!

Book Review: Graphic Science

Book Review: A Graphic Novelist’s Passionate Anatomy of New York

Blog: Pulp Culture via @ComicNurse

Blog: El Viaje Más Caro (The Most Costly Journey)

Blog: Chronic illness and creativity comic via @Paula_JKnight

Facebook: Kurt Shaffert Notes on Graphic Medicine during Pulp Culture Comic Arts Fest

Tumblr: Chronic Comics

Interview: Parables of Care: A Q&A with Ernesto Priego

Interview: “It’s Not Some Form of Primal Scream Therapy”: An Interview with Tom Gauld

Narrative Medicine: To See the Suffering

Archives: He Traces Roots to Medical Past in Comic Series

“We Might Never Know Why” — Comics from THE FACTS OF LIFE

Comics and Graphic Novels: Not Just for Kids

Small Press Spotlight on… Olivia Sullivan

“American Born Chinese” Opens Windows and Shines Mirrors | SLJ Summit 2017

Humans of Saint Vincent on Halifax Magazine Cover

News: Cartoonists Sketch Patients’ Stories at Free Health Clinic

How One Teacher Used Graphic Novels to Get His Students to Love Reading

Watch: Kelly Sue Deconnick Reminds Readers That Comics Are Political and Not Specific to One Audience

Legendary cartoonist, Northeast Ohio native, promotes breast cancer awareness through comic

A Human Humanities Course

Cancer, AIDS and other evil villains

On #MeToo and The End of Open Secrets

How Does a Comic Book Librarian Work?

You Can’t Think Your Way Out Of Trauma (But Art Therapy Can Help)


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