For those that may not know, this past weekend was the first ever Comics Studies Society conference, brilliantly themed around Minding the Gaps. I won’t take too much time to reflect here – the tweet below already captures my feelings.

This post was born out of similar efforts at the past two Medical Library Association meetings where we tried to curate a list of books mentioned throughout. If you are looking to get a feel for the current state of comics studies, you would do far worse than to take a look!This one is my attempt to do this solo, scraping through the #CSS18 tag on Twitter. If I miss things, I apologize – I’ll happily update the post with credit if you mention others!

I am primarily going to avoid linking to serialized examples (lots of Daredevil issues mentioned for example) and I’m not linking to things like Watchmen, Maus, or Sandman because, frankly, that’s unnecessary. Nor will I link out en mass to specific creators (such as Raina Telgemeier). That said, do let me note here that G. Willow Wilson’s Ms Marvel was mentioned so many times that it may well be the most discussed comic of all of #CSS18. I WILL also include clear call-outs to journals, major blogs, and webcomics.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted out book titles and photos. Special thanks to Maria Aghazarian for running a collaborative Google doc and catching things not on Twitter!

ALL OF THAT SAID, here’s a great list to dive into!

Note: If there are more than 3 creators or it is an edited volume, I am crediting “Various” in order to keep this list readable. The list is presented alphabetically. 

This is a great shot of existing comics and philosophy books – no way I am trying to link to them all though, so mine them as you wish! (Thanks for the tweet Candida!)

You may also want to follow-up with the publishers who were tabling at the conference! Links are to those I saw tabling – the photo includes those who had advertisements in our swag bag.

The Ohio State University Press – Comics and Comics Studies

Rutgers University Press – Comics

University of Illinois Press

List of exhibitors and advertisers for CSS18

You may also want to know about these databases, ya’know, just in case.

If you have titles to add, please send them along to me – with a link ideally – and I’ll post them up! Find me on Twitter @NoetheMatt or email me at: