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Twitter Directory

The following directory is meant to collect Twitter handles and brief biographies of individuals involved with graphic medicine  – from comic creators, to scholars, to libraries, and more. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of graphic medicine, a wide-range of expertise is collected here that may not be blatantly medical. For example, Maris Wicks‘s work is more broadly about communicating science through comics – which is important and relevant to the work of healthcare as well.

*This directory is a continual work-in-progress. If you know of missing individuals or find broken links, please alert me in the comments or on Twitter at @NoetheMatt.*







  • @flashvsming – Gordon Shaw is creator of a comic called RICK, in which he explores the life of his brain tumor named Rick.
  • @formed_filmsForMed Films is a non-profit Community Interest Company that is making short animated films/illustrations to inform on health issues.
  • @frikienmedicinaDaniel Sender is a lifelong artist and a practicing physician.




  • @IBDunmaskedIBD Unmasked is a collaborative effort between IBD community members and Marvel to create a superhero comic that tackles inflammatory bowel disease, starting Samarium!
  • @ignotofsky – Illustrator and author Rachel Ignotofsky is best known for her website and 2016 illustrated book, Women In Science.
  • @inksplatteryZara Slattery is a graphic artist creating comics on “the idiosyncrasies of life”, whose work, Coma Comic, shares her experiences of a drug-induced coma.
  • @init4health – Policy professor that tweets out innovations in healthcare, technology, and a special interest in medical art.



  • @katyanncKaty Chalmers is creating science art (comics) – and her stegosauruses are adorable!
  • @katiegreenbeanKatie Green is an author, illustrator, designer, and dabbler in all things crafty. She is best known for her graphic memoir Lighter Than My Shadow.
  • @kforkish – Karen Forkish is a visual storyteller and sketchnoter.
  • @klboileau – Kendra Boileau is the Editor-in-Chief of Penn State Press, home of the Graphic Medicine series.
  • @kriotaKriota Willberg is a writer, artist, teacher, and performer of all things body-oriented science. Her blog includes an interesting combination of mini-comic and anatomical drawing.
  • @kwakdr – The Adventures of Dr. Quack is a comic collaboration between a junior doctor in the UK and an artist in South Korea.





  • @ootasticOotastic is a scientist who draws comics about a wide variety of topics, including polycistic ovary syndrome and congenital heart disease.
  • @openuptheframeOut of the Frame is a graphic exploration of narrative, health, and social justice.








  • @virologycomics – Susan Nasif holds a doctorate in virology and is working to combat the anti-vaccine movement through educational comics and videos. Find the award winning comics here.



  • @xuanca – Juan Carlos Claro is a physician with an interest in the power of narratives.


  • @yendrawsYen Quach is an artist who regularly makes/contributes to self-published zines and comics.



  • @_ally_bally_beeThe Ally Bally Bee project is creating personalized children’s stories to help them understand dementia (including Alzheimer’s) by explaining the complex medical issues in ways they can understand.
  • @_jacarvajalJohn Carvajal is a cartoonist and illustrator who has worked with several historical societies and academic endeavors.


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