The Graphic Librarian

Reflections on librarianship, comics, and health

Blogs and Websites of Note

better, drawn – A Tumblr page dedicated to comics dealing with mental and/or physical illness.

Comic Book Resources – CBR is one of the biggest comic websites out there, hosting numerous blogs, posting dozens of reviews a day, and covering as much of the spectrum of “comic culture” as possible.

Comic Nurse – M.K. Czerwiec, also known as Comic Nurse, is an Eisner-nominated nurse who uses comics to reflect on the difficulties of healthcare. She is also a major part of the Graphic Medicine website, conference, co-author of the Graphic Medicine Manifesto, and more.

Comics Forum – Comics Forum is an outgrowth of the Thought Bubble festival in the UK and regularly posts updates, essays, articles, etc. on a wide-range of sequential art subjects. There is a series of posts on graphic medicine.

The Fies Files – Brian Fries is best known as the creator of Eisner-winning Mom’s Cancer. This is his blog, where you’ll find updates on his work, thoughts, and more – with plenty of relevance to medical comics.

Graphic Medicine – The graphic medicine website is the brainchild of Dr. Ian Williams and has evolved into the primary location for news and updates on the field – including updates on the annual conference. The site is now also managed by several others, primarily M.K. Czerwiec – a.k.a. Comic Nurse – and includes book reviews and links to the popular graphic medicine podcast.

Kloss & Bruce – Medical Education Comics and Illustration – “Kloss and Bruce combine real medical education with comic book style illustration to create beautiful artistic images to enhance learning.”

Kriota Welt – Kriota Willberg a multimodal creator of art relating to body-oriented sciences. Her blog tracks her work, her thoughts, and at times includes what I would call scholarship despite being outside of a traditional publication.

Mark Bennett – Mark is a comics creator, musician, and educator in New England. His blog includes information about his professional work, as well as some valuable resource pages, such as this one on graphic medicine.

Maybe Blogging Will Help – John Porcellino is a comics creator, best known in the graphic medicine circles for The Hospital Suite and The Next Day. His blog features a great deal of photography and reflections on life, comics, and more.

MetroKitty – Cathy Leamy is a Boston based cartoonist whose work is primarily medical comics. She works at Mass General Hospital in medical writing.

Nina Burrowes – Dr. Burrowes is a psychologist whose work is primarily focused on abuse. To this end she has collected and illustrated stories, created videos, and hosts live events to help people understand and work through their experiences.

No Flying, No Tights – No Flying, No Tights is primarily a review blog on comics targeted to librarians and educators, spearheaded by decorated librarian Robin Brenner and a revolving team of editors. The blog is a fantastic resource for collection development – with insight into age appropriateness and subject area. The blog also serves as a landing page for continuing education for librarians through Simmons College.

Paul Gravett – Author of half-a-dozen books and numerous articles, including 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die, Paul Gravett’s website is a trove of interesting and useful information about the comics world. Fair warning that while the content is great, the layout, formatting, and coding of the site is questionable at times.

Polite Dissent – A blog run by an MD named Scott that was last updated in 2014, this site provides commentary on both television and comic portrayals of medicine. Scott’s discussions with comics focus on serialized, single issue occurrences – something scarcely covered elsewhere.

SKTCHD – SKTCHD was comics website operated by Eisner-nominated David Harper, serving as the home site for the Off Panel podcast, as well as some of the best long-form articles to be published on comics anywhere. As of summer 2016, David has moved on and SKTCHD will no longer publish new content – but the old is well-worth a read.

ToshokanComix – A blog run by the Palm Beach County Library System that highlights comic news and events both at the library and across the country. Includes distinctions between comics and manga.

View from a Blog – David Greenfield blogs about comics primarily in their capacity to impact education. Great resource for those interested in teaching with comics or looking for ways to bolster their collections.




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